Lytham Christmas Lights 2018

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Here is the confirmation:
15th August 2018

Hi Joe,

Hope you’re well.
I am organising the Light switch on alongside Brenda on cc.
I am happy to confirm that your choir can take part in the Lytham Christmas Switch On 2018!
Just to confirm the date for this year is Saturday 17th November 2018.
I will confirm timings nearer the time.

However, the set length is usually approx. 10 – 15 minutes.
Numbers for the choir are a max of 50. Due to space backstage and on the stage.

Let me know if you have any questions


 DATE: Saturday 17th November 2018
 SET TIME: 14:09
 SET LENGTH: 10 mins
The Christmas Song
Medley Christmas
All I Want For Christmas


  • Arrive at least 30 minutes before your stage time – parking is not provided so please take this into account.
  • Arrive at the assembly rooms on Dickinson Terrace, Lytham, FY8 5JY
  • Light refreshments will be available in the assembly rooms. Please note that the space is limited and is only for performers plus supervisors.
  • We need to keep the backstage area as clear as possible – one of our team will bring you to the stage just before your performance time and then lead you back to the assembly rooms immediately after your performance.

Here are the details/logistics:
22nd October 2018

Here is this mornings "error":
6th November 2018

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the set list.

Regarding the numbers of singers, the stage will not be able to accommodate 40 – 50 singers due to the size and backline on ready for the singers.
We also cannot accommodate this many backstage.

I apologise I’ve just checked my previous email where I said 50 singers but this was a typo. It was meant to be 15.
I have spoken to the Stage Manager and he has advised that at a push we can do 15 – 20.


Dear ShowChoir,

I don’t believe this is an “error”. Maybe Im being cynical, but when you are typing on a keyboard, the “1” and the “0” are a fair old distance apart, so I don’t believe this was an error.

The solution offered is that I whittle our numbers down to 20 at a push, this would mean 5 people from each of the sections, High, Mid, Low and Bass. I’m sorry, but you have all worked too hard to ‘possibly’ be cut from the gig. I won’t do that!! So, reluctantly, I have withdrawn us from the event.

So, What Happens Now???

If you know of any other Light Switch On events that are happening, make a phone call and try and get us involved!!!

Also, as I mentioned last week, if you know of a venue where we could go and “carol” for about 30 mins or so, make a phone call and get us in there!! Some suggestions are: Shopping Centres, Hospital Foyers, Garden Centres…. inside or outside… If they will have us, we will go and sing!!!

So, ShowChoir, the onus is on you now…if you want to sing for Christmas, make it happen! 😉



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