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Commitment to Gigs

I don’t want to end the year on a low point, because we have achieved a great deal!!

We have moved away from a company that was happy to ‘hoodwink’ it’s members.
We have established ourselves as a choir, a group of friends with a common goal, a family.
We have brought the joy of music to everyone who has heard us sing!

However, I have to say that I am left disappointed at the commitment to gigs over the Christmas period.
I am fully aware that Christmas becomes an incredibly busy time of year with a lot of commitments and time is a commodity that we are all short on, however, when I put out the original survey to ask about availability, these were the results:

Gig & Date

Marsh Mill – 25th Nov

British Legion – 4th Dec

Highfurlong – 8th Dec

RPH – 9th Dec

Said They Could





Turned Up





I have to say here, I am aware that when you completed the survey, no-one knew (not even me) that Tuesday 4th was a daytime gig that meant those of you out at work were unable to attend!!

From now on, I will be running the “gig booking” as follows:

We will get the enquiry to sing at an event, and as a result, I will create a tick sheet on the website. If you can make the event, tick the sheet. If you cannot make the event, leave it blank. If you are unsure, I would prefer to assume you cannot make it, this way if I end up with 20 ticks but 40 turn up, that’s a better scenario than the reverse.

If we don’t have enough participants for an event, I will decline the request to sing at the event.

I hope you understand.

With that having been said, lets do our best to make 2019 the best is can be for each of us, individually, and also for ShowChoir!

If you are going to share ShowChoir with your friends, make sure you use the FaceBook Page and Twitter account, both of which are @ShowChoirUK




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