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Hey Everyone, So…a quick update!!

The FAM Gig on September 22nd.

They have sent me the “Rehearsal Material” (and I use that term VERY loosely!!) . What they have sent is a set of “shop-bought” karaoke tracks and some lyric sheets. There is no sheet music and no harmonies written or anything!

So, here is the deal….if we are to do this, we will all be singing the melody. AND, here’s the crunch, if you want to do this, you must rehearse for it in your own time. I cannot dedicate any rehearsal time to it because I don’t have the dots, so I would be making it up on the spot, and to be quite honest, I can do without the stress!

Here is the set-list:

Sing (Gary Barlow)
Stand By Me
Don’t Stop Believing
Make Your Own Kind Of Music
Greatest Showman Medley
Seasons Of Love
They Live In You
Les Mis Medley

So there you go. Let me know if you are up for it now you know whats involved.  xx

Hello Everyone
Happy Monday morning!
We are now less than 2 weeks for our very special evening.
We are delighted that so many choirs are taking part in the Festival Finale. Thank you to all those who are taking part.
I hope you have been able to familiarise yourself with the items we are performing together.¬† I hope you have had the updates about “They live in you” and other slight changes. All minor issues can be ironed out at the rehearsal.

Here are the daytime  and evening details:

Rehearsal РThe rehearsal/soundcheck for the Finale will take place in the Empress Ballroom at 11.30am on Sunday 22nd September. and will last for approximately 1 hour. This is an earlier time than first suggested as it is felt that this will  give families and choir members a decent break between the rehearsal and the evening performance. It will also give families and choir members the opportunity to visit the FAM festival.  (see more details below) During the rehearsal we will sound check each song and position the choirs ready for the evening performance.

For the rehearsal  all choirs will enter the Winter Gardens through the main doors from St John’s Square into the Floral Hall. They must proceed to check-in point with their choir leaders/teachers, where they will collect their Festival Finale T-shirt  and will be directed from there into the Empress Ballroom for positioning and soundcheck.
Evening Performance РPlease could all choirs gather at the rear entrance of the Winter Gardens on Leopold Grove at 6.45 pm.  When all choir members for each choir are gathered together they will enter the ballroom through the rear entrance. Audience members must enter through the Main Church Street entrance. They will not be permitted to enter through the rear entrance, It is expected that the concert will finish at 9.45 pm. Choirs will be released through the Leopold entrance and families will be asked to meet choir at locations that have been agreed with their choir lead. Parents will leave through the main Church Street Winter Gardens entrance.
Please could you let me know where your meeting point will be so that we can announce it to parents before the end of the performance. 
What to wear? – Please could all choir members where the t-shirts that will be provided for them at the soundcheck/rehearsal.
Tickets for the Concert –¬† Family and friends of choir members can buy tickets for the FESTIVAL FINALE for just ¬£7.50 online and from the Winter¬†GArdens Box Office. This is an incredible opportunity for families and friends to see their child take part in a very special event but also to see one of the brightest stars of West Ends Musical Theatre.
Access to the Main FAM Festival РThe Festival Finale is the final event of a fantastic weekend festival of Food Arts and Music. (See the poster below). There are plenty of food and drink options within the festival as well as lots of activities for the children, including rocket building, music workshops and fun exhibits such as Star Wars, Dr Who and Comicon stands. Please see this web link  for more details https://www.wintergardensblackpool.co.uk/stories/fam-festival-2019. Parents who would like to attend the day festival can benefit from a special 2 4 1 discount.  Normal ticket price for daytime access is £10. It is worth noting that there is £18 discount off your online shopping with Sainsbury’s Blackpool for all daytime ticket holders.
The code for parents to access the DAY festival on a 2 4 1 offer is as follows:
For FAM Festival DAY access
Quote ‚ÄėFAMFEST‚Äô when redeeming online.
These discounted tickets can be purchased in the following ways. Remember to tell parents to quote FAMFEST to get your 2-4-1 discount.
Either visit famfestival.co.uk
Box office: 0844 856 1111
Or visit www.wgbpl.co.uk
All choir members can enter the FAM festival free of charge so long as they are wearing their t-shirts as identification, #Child choir members must be accompanied by adults or teachers. (Please keep T shirts on)   
If you have any questions please let me know.
Please note that there has not been an opportunity to co-ordinate choir performances for the Saturday afternoon, so if you were one of the choirs who offered to perform, apologies. As this is the first year of the Festival it has not been possible to include elements. We hope to include Saturday performances next year.



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