After 14 long months, we are finally back in the room!!!

It was Wednesday 18th March 202 that we took the decision to close our doors to protect our members. 
We are now re-opening our doors, on Monday 17th May 2021!

NO MORE ZOOM ... (Hopefully!)

It has been a very hard 14 months! The technology has proved troublesome, the delay/lag was an issue with trying to get us to sing “together”, making the videos and audio tracks was time-consuming … BUT, we got there! We have come out the other side with a lot of material under our belts and I cannot thank you enough for sticking with us!! You truly are amazing!!

Archive Repertoire

We have taken the decision to archive some songs. They are not being deleted from our repertoire lists,
simply archived so that we can pull them out at a later date if we need to add them to a concert or gig.

This means you will only have to bring your ACTIVE songs to rehearsals, not your entire collection!

I will try and keep you updated on what is in the ACTIVE list! hehe! 😉