Why Join ShowChoir?

Looking for a local choir to join? Why don’t you try ShowChoir? The power of music, meeting new friends, and participating in life-changing events together all contribute to a powerful and emotional journey for our members.

Most new members have never sung before and may feel anxious at the prospect of joining a choir, but ShowChoir is designed to encourage and build confidence without requiring anyone to sing alone or reveal their voice.

Some members say they love singing in the shower or in the car along with the radio, but all are welcome and all are encouraged and mentored regardless of their previous music or singing experience!

It’s a safe, uplifting and exciting environment!

The journey members take with ShowChoir is one of achieving outstanding results in terms of wellness, health and personal confidence, but with the fun and exciting glamor of performing to a full audience and a standing ovation!

Make A Difference

Supporting local charities, schools and community groups is part of the ShowChoir Experience and ShowChoir has worked and continues to work with lots of local and national charities to help raise their awareness and assist in helping to raise funds whilst performing to audiences.

Coming together to sing as one choir from across the county is a very exciting and emotional experience. But remember….there is never ANY pressure on the Member to take part in any performances if they don’t want to. They can do as much or as little as they choose.

ShowChoir is a leading contemporary choir experience. It is highly respected across the county.